Employee Portals

Does your web site support your team?   Your web site is the foundation of your business’s technology.  By offering an employee portal or intranet, you can provide clear paths to help your team do their jobs effectively.

An employee portal can provide a variety to tools and power a host of interactive functions. The ones you need are the ones that will make your team happy and let them do their job better.

Here are some ideas from our past projects:

Consolidate Links.

If you use third party web sites, like a time clock, payroll or project system then consider an employee dashboard to consolidated links. An employee dashboard is a single place to host disparate information and provide notes for background and helpful information. This can save time for new employees to find the resources they need and save your HR team from answering the same questions over and over again.


With an employee portal or internal blog, you can have one place for announcements and updates. Employees can set this page as their home page. If some announcements, like schedule updates, are urgent, then add in an alert system.  That way, people can receive emails or text messages when new announcements get posted.

Job Management

You can provide a central spot for employees to get information on current jobs or projects.  This section could provide common downloads, main contacts, important dates, and updates. You can add in interactive tools.  For instance, let people dynamically create common forms, upload pictures, clock in and out.  Or, add in more interactive tools to enable online management approvals or create estimates online.

Time Clock

There are many time clock systems available and many of those have APIs so that we can integrate them with your custom employee portal. If your needs are very specific, we can build a custom time clock system to add in the unique features, like job costing, that you need.

Collateral & Files

An employee Intranet is a great place to save common files and marketing collateral that your team may need on the go.  You can also offer branding guidelines and links to purchase branded collateral, like uniforms.


Make sure your team has the resources and information they need at their fingertips. If the team is spending time on internal processes or you keep encountering the same problems, then let’s talk about the options for an employee portal and see which tools would bring value for your company.

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