Question: Can this be done? How could this work?

Clients often wonder what is possible in the world of custom software.  The good news is that we are very rarely asked to do something impossible. So, let’s start by assuming that whatever you need done is very doable.

Common Requests

Common requests involve moving data between different people or systems, creating documents, automating tasks and managing workflow. In general, all of these things can be done with full custom and hybrid solutions. We also get asked to integrate into phone systems, video, image management or other hardware. All of these requests are in our wheelhouse.

Different Approaches

A full custom system is built end to end exactly for our customer’s needs. When you want it to work exactly the way you envision, then this is a great approach.  A hybrid system is built with a combination of third party and custom software.  Hybrid systems are a great fit if you are working with a third party solution that does a lot of what you need, but not everything, and it has an API.  Then, we can build custom dashboard, reporting, tools, and integrations to expand on what already exists.

Next Steps

The best first step is to schedule a call and talk through your needs and we can brainstorm the best approach.  We can evaluate your business to see where software may help, what tools are working well and make a plan to make it all run better.

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