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Greetings, passionate changemakers! Running a nonprofit involves a delicate balance – managing your mission, your exceptional team, volunteers, supporters, and, of course, your budget. At I-Tul, we’re on a mission to lighten your nonprofit journey by offering affordable support solutions for your website and software needs.

Furthermore, your website serves as the virtual gateway to your community, a space where they discover your mission, goals, and successes. We firmly believe that an effective website can amplify your impact, connecting you with more people and attracting the support, donations, and commitment your cause deserves. In addition, the potential of your website goes beyond storytelling. Imagine effortlessly signing up volunteers, collecting donations, promoting events, communicating with your board, and automating data collection – all within easy reach. Recognizing that your mission is unique, we’re here to explore customized software solutions tailored to your distinct needs.

Moreover, let’s engage in a conversation about the challenges your nonprofit faces. Together, we can determine if our custom software could be the transformative solution you seek. Furthermore, from crafting custom websites to navigating platforms like WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, and HubSpot, our expertise covers the spectrum. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate with member management systems such as MemberMax and Impexium. Additionally, we’ve engineered end-to-end custom solutions for organizations with unique events and membership structures.

At I-Tul, our goal is to alleviate the burden of technology from your shoulders. Whether you’re envisioning a powerful new site or looking to optimize your existing one, we stand as your dedicated partners, ready to elevate your organization to new heights. To illustrate, let’s collaborate to ensure your digital presence is as impactful as your mission! ✨

In essence, partnering with I-Tul means more than just website support – it’s about unleashing the full potential of your nonprofit through tailored solutions that resonate with your mission and objectives. We’re not just a service; instead, we’re your allies in making a lasting impact. Additionally, join us on this exciting journey, and together, let’s create a digital presence that truly amplifies the heart and soul of your nonprofit endeavors. ✨

Visit our Non-Profit Websites:

Site Launch! Loomis Chamber of Commerce

We were so proud to work with the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce to design, develop and host their newest site.  The new site uses WordPress & WooCommerce with customizations to support event and product sales, recurring billing for memberships, and a powerful directory that give members direct control over their online profile.

View on our Portfolio

“In a world where everything is one click away, the Loomis Chamber needed to adapt. We choose to have i-Tul design and program our new website and it instantly brought us to the 21st century! Within a few days we had people easily purchasing from our site! On the back end it was so simple to track product orders, see new members and get reports. Because we represent many businesses in the community, this website is a central point for over 200 members to find events and resources. Some of our members do not have websites of their own and now thanks to our membership directory they can upload information and use our site to host their details. The i-Tul team has been hands on and professional. From our discovery calls to the training sessions, I am quite happy with our new site!”

Frank J. Udvarhely
CEO Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce

New: Pay by ACH

Now you can pay using ACH through the I-Tul portal!  This secure system uses the leading fintech software, Plaid, to connect your bank account to pay invoices or add a credit to your account.

If you have any questions or need help using this feature, contact the I-Tul tech support team.

Does your site load fast?

Your site needs to load fast. Google is using site speed as one part of their algorithm, so site speed is vital to your search engine ranking. It’s also important for a good user experience, especially on mobile.

If your site isn’t loading quickly, there a lot of things that can be done. I know people get concerned that they need a full new site to improve the site loading speed. But, luckily we can often optimize the site to keep your existing site but have it load much more quickly.

  1. Hosting: Your hosting is the first place to look.  Make sure that you are on business class hosting and your account is configured correctly.
  2. Optimize Images: Graphics are what can really make a site look great and connect with your target audience. But, graphics can be a large contribution to site slowness.  We want to integrate Lossless Image Compression to make sure your graphics are small in file size and load quickly.
  3. Browser Caching: This tactic saves files and assets to the visitors local browser so they don’t have to be loaded over and over again.  Browser caching works especially well if site visitors are going to your web site repeatedly and if they are reading multiple pages.
  4. Asset Minification: Minification is a process of removing all the extra data from the code that powers your web site.  This includes “extra” characters like spaces and line breaks.  So, minified code can be read faster by the browser.  This also reduces bandwidth needs which is very important for sites that get significant traffic.
  5. Defer & Asynchronous Loading: This means that we don’t load the full page when a visitor first opens it.  Page elements, code and images are loaded as they are needed.  You can see this when you are looking at an image gallery or product listing and the thumbnails appear as you are scrolling down the page.  This tactic works very well for pages with lots of assets, like carts, and for long pages.
  6. Server Side Caching: There are a variety of tactics that we can implement on the server side to optimize a site to load quickly.  We can do database caching, implement third party caching tools and change how database queries are made.

This is only a partial list of the optimizations and tactics that we can do to improve your web site loading time.  If you need help evaluating your site’s load time or making it faster, just let us know.

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