VOIP Integration

Do you need to integrate your phone system and software?

Are phone conversations an important part of your business? VOIP integration can streamline processes and make your team more effective.

We developed a system for a client in the collections industry that enabled their internal team to call people from a local phone number.  Online line of business software managed the entire process.  All the team members had to do was click the customer’s phone number to start the call.  The system would create a local number for the destination number and automatically ring the team member on their desk phone. When they picked up, the system would begin the call and show the person being called the local caller ID.  If the person returned the call at the local number, the software rang the desk phone to the team member who placed the call, opened their account and logged the call in the software.

Another website that maximized VOIP Integration integrated phone calls and ecommerce.  The client ran a paid phone consulting business.  When a new customer ordered consulting online, they were given a number to call. As the customer called, the system would link to the consultants personal phone line (often a cell phone) and host the call.  After the call was completed, the system  automatically billed the customer for the entire length of the call.

How VOIP Integration Helps

Systems can integrate VOIP to save time by making repetitive tasks, like dialing a phone number or making notes, happen automatically.  Integration also reduces user and data entry errors. The system can call the phone number without requiring someone to read it and dial it. Systems like this can also track incoming and outgoing calls, maintain a history and provide robust reporting on usage and time.

Next Steps

If your business relies on phone calls, integration could be helpful.  To see, schedule a call for a free consultation. We will look at your current systems, pain points and goals.  We’ll evaluate how VOIP integrations will help your team work better, give you executive reporting and provide a seamless interface.

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