Taking Over PHP Projects

Everybody knows that we build new custom PHP software projects. But, did you also know that we take over existing PHP projects?

If you have PHP online software that is in production or in development, then I-Tul can step in as your new developer. Clients bring us in when their current development partner becomes unavailable or is no longer a good fit.

The first step is a code review. During a code review, we will login to view the PHP code and database configuration, approach and details to verify if it is a good fit.  If everything looks good, then we will make a copy on a staging server so that we can do a deeper code review to understand the architecture.  When the current developer is available, we like to schedule a hand-off meeting to capture the particulars that don’t appear on the code, like planned updates or past issues. Occasionally, we find significant problems. If that happens, we discuss our findings and make a plan together.

When taking over a production system, we will meet to plan the best testing and launch procedures.  We’ll also talk about change requests and any special needs.

For projects in development, we’ll review the current status, vision, and goals. Then, we can restart with our dedicated team approach.

Wherever you are in the software life cycle, I-Tul is ready to partner with you.

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