Start Where You Are

Want better software but aren’t sure where to start? Afraid you don’t know enough to even have the conversation? Heard from others that you need all the details worked out? Do you need to be a techie to hire a good developer?

The answer is that by hiring a full-service full stack development company, like I-Tul, that you can start wherever you are.  We help clients take the bud of an idea and turn it into a full vision and then we bring that vision to life.

At I-Tul, we create the architecture – all the pieces and features and functions that come together into a cohesive piece of system.  Often, clients only start with a vaguest idea of what they want.  They know the problems, they know what needs to happen but they don’t know how to get from here to there.

We start with discovery. Through discovery process, we’ll talk about the business needs, what exists, problems & bottlenecks, compliance and security, and, most importantly, the vision.  The vision is what finished looks like, what success means to you.

Once we understand the full picture, we can design a system that will use the best of what exists and create new software to fix the problems. Sometimes, the entire system is built from scratch.  Other times, we are filling in niches within a production system.    The goal is to build the infrastructure needed to fulfill your vision.

Some developers and freelancers prefer working with a complete spec (project specification).  They want to have the blueprint before they even quote a project.  Or, they will charge you to create the project scope. They want you to do the leg work before they get involved.

I’ve had clients come from that kind of relationship and share their frustrations.  The client always felt that they had to tell the developers how to build what was needed.  That the client had to know databases, languages or technology to even ask a question.  This is exactly why we don’t work that way.

Not having to create a full project spec or micromanage the development process is the benefit of working with a full-service company.  I-Tul will create the project scope and internally assign resources (designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, dev-ops, etc…).  We will also build the IT infrastructure to support what is needed (servers, VPNs, security, email, VOIP and other tech tools).   It is our job to know what is needed.

So, wherever you are in the planning process, we are here to help.  Whether you want to brainstorm what is possible, are planning for next year and want to talk budgets, or you have wireframes or an outline, we can meet you where you are.  Let’s start the conversation and work together to bring the new vision to life.

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