Infrastructure – The Backbone

Building successful software infrastructure requires detailed strategy and planning. If you build the best infrastructure for your company, then all of the parts work together like a well-oiled machine.

So, how do you create a successful technical infrastructure?

Nowadays, you can choose from off-the-shelf systems, monthly subscriptions, and custom development. While it might be tempting to purchase an “off the shelf” system, we believe custom development is the best option when your needs are unique. You get exactly what you need – and nothing more. Here is how we can help you create a custom infrastructure for your business!

Step #1: Define the processes your company needs to run smoothly.

Defining processes involves thinking through every business process: How do leads come in? Who/what manages customer information? How are quotes created? How do we track fulfillment? Who/what manages accounts payable? Do we want to automate follow-throughs? What happens from the first contact or after the first year?

Our goal is to capture your specific business needs. Instead of buying a “one size fits all” system, you can create an infrastructure that does exactly what you need.

Step #2: Choose the main parts for each process or function.

Next, you choose the main parts of your infrastructure so we can create the best solutions for your needs. Start by choosing the most important aspects of your business. For example, some businesses focus on the sales/lead process, so they’ll need marketing automation and CRM. Another business might focus on project management, so they’ll need project management solutions.

Many businesses will have several processes or functions – and that’s great! The goal then is to find solutions that work together. For example, you may need CRM software and an accounting system that supports special payment options. The goal will be to gracefully migrate customers from the CRM into the accounting software.

Step #3: Implement your new system and make changes as needed.

Once you have a finished infrastructure, it’s time to make sure that each system is optimized, systems are fully integrated, and processes flow seamlessly. Once you implement your new system, we will work with you to make changes or add/drop services as needed.

Let’s say you chose a process that shares a login system to prevent juggling too many usernames and passwords. However, after you implemented the system, you realized you wanted to check that self-hosted systems were on the appropriate servers. You also wanted to ensure these systems had security, back-ups, and update plans in place. We’ll work with you to add in those features and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Does all of this sound overwhelming? No worries! We can help clients with custom software, integrations, and hosting/support planning. We also have a network of people we can recommend to help with desktops and servers, process planning, and strategy.

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