I-Tul & Office 365: A Perfect Fit

Great news!

We are excited to announce that you can now combine the power and features of Microsoft Office – including all the apps and powerful email capabilities – with your I-Tul service plan!

Here are just some of the amazing Office 365 features you will get to use if you combine it with I-Tul:

Office Apps

With both plans, you get access to online office applications, including Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The online apps are always available and up to date.

With the standard plan, you also get desktop apps for up to 5 devices. This means you can work even without an internet connection, making this ideal for when you travel or encounter bad weather that can disrupt your internet access.

Feature-Rich Email

You also get a powerful Microsoft Exchange email account with up to 50 GB of storage. Access your email from your desktop, phone, or other mobile device with easy-to-use apps.

You can still use your own domain, and we are happy to help set it up for you!


The calendar keeps you in-the-know about important meetings and events. You can share available meeting times and easily schedule meetings that work for everyone’s schedule. The calendar features also allow you to get reminders on your desktop, browser, and mobile devices.

Your team can also use shared calendars to see when everyone is available, so you never have to worry about double-booking your team members again!


Microsoft Office tools make it incredibly easy to collaborate as a team to complete projects! Here’s how:

  • Use Microsoft Office tools simultaneously with your team to make changes in real time.
  • Share your Calendar to schedule impromptu meetings.
  • Communicate in Teams to stay up to date on progress and to get questions answered quickly. There are more features in Teams that are available as an upgrade.


Your One Drive account will support up to 1 TB (terabyte) of storage. That’s a lot! Save your work and access it from your desktop or online Microsoft Office Applications. You can even share outside your team with secure guest links to give clients or vendors access as needed.


Office 365 is a secure environment and is built to meet standard industry requirements. There are over 1,000 privacy and security controls to give you peace of mind.


With the standard plan, you get team tools to manage schedules and tasks. Combined with the other collaboration tools, your team gets a powerful workspace to work, share, communicate, and get the most out of their day, even when working remotely.

Office 365 is a powerful suite for running your business. Combined with your I-Tul service plan, you get all of this, plus our top-notch support for your site and software.

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