Demystifying the Software Process

I’m proud to be presenting at the Roseville Chamber of Commerce on June 25th as part of their seminar for success series.

This seminar is for any software decision makers who want to know when should they buy existing software and when should they build custom software. There are so many options available and it can be hard to wade through the variety to see what will accomplish the goals and have the best ROI.

We’ll talk about defining the business needs, which is the foundation of this process. If we get the needs right and identify the real problems that need to be solved, then the solution will effectively solve those problems. We’ll also cover calculating the costs of these problems because little things can really add up. If you spend 10 minutes a day on a task, then that adds up to week of work of in a year.  What could you do with an extra week?

We will dive into evaluating options for pre-made software, calculating costs, and understanding the different models including cloud based and self hosted.  There are many options for every need and one of the hardest parts is narrowing down the field.

Next, we will explore custom software.  The custom software development process can be daunting so I will break it down.  We’ll talk about what is possible, the process and the costs.  Choosing your vendor will be imperative to the success of the project and we will talk about how to find the best software developer for your business.  We’ll also get into hybrid solutions which add custom components to existing solutions, like a custom dashboard for a CRM.

Finally, I’ll be available for questions from all attendees. I’ve been working in the IT/software fields since 1993 and have helped thousands of client navigate this process.

June 25th, 8 am @ The Roseville Chamber
650 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, CA 95678

Full Details & Registration Link

If you aren’t able to make this event, you can reach out by calling 916-749-1500 or through our contact form. We’re glad to talk about your needs and plan the best path for your software project.

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