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Technology allows us to communicate with each other instantly from anywhere, which is great for business. However, we sometimes miss the one-on-one connection of meeting in person. Because of this, we gladly welcome visits from our clients!

The best times for in-person meetings from our clients are at the very beginning, the very end or whenever we’re at a tricky part of our project. In the beginning, meeting in person helps all of us to come together to create a shared vision and create goals for the project. At the end of a project, making time to meet in person is a quick way to work through all the final details and reflect on the process. Testing and updating small things when we’re together can save days of emails sent back and forth. If a project hits a tricky point, then meeting in person can help communications run a bit more smoothly. When you can’t figure out how a section needs to work, or a design isn’t quite right yet, taking care of it in person is much quicker and more effective.

Communication is the key to a successful custom software project. That’s why we prefer to schedule weekly meetings for our development project teams and clients with robust support needs. By reviewing progress, setting priorities, and making plans together, we can keep the project on track and make any changes along the way.

Since we have clients across the United States, we understand that not everyone can visit our office in person – or not as often as clients would like to. That’s okay! If you can’t meet us in person, we use videoconferencing tools like Zoom to put a face to the voice.  Videoconferencing connects us to our clients in real time.  We typically use standing meetings to make it easy to schedule and to join in on conversations.

Our management team uses Calendly to help clients schedule meetings. This online scheduling tool enables clients to view our schedules and pick the best time that works for everyone. We use tools like this to automate scheduling and put the power in our client’s hands.

Finally, if you are from out of town and need help planning your visit, just let us know. We can recommend hotels and arrange for transportation.

Ready to meet face to face? Reach out and we’ll schedule the best time for everyone.

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