1 to 1,000 hours: It’s all code to us

At I-Tul, we provide a variety of services. We create simple marketing sites, themed sites, custom sites, standard ecommerce, complex ecommerce, integrations, API, mobile apps, custom software, line of business, Software as a Service (SaaS), intranets, client portals, plug-ins, landing pages, CRMs, and more, including support for all of them.

Does that seem like a lot? It is – but we can handle it!

Customized for your needs

Whether we are working on a marketing website or custom estimating system, our team is designing, developing, planning and executing. Every project uses the same core skill set. However, we understand that some projects require more. This could mean more help with planning, intricate designs, complicated programming, understanding business processes, third-party integrations, multi-layered hosting configurations, or detailed testing. All projects in our wheelhouse are combinations of the same talents, so customizing your project is easy to tackle.

Whether you need us for 1 hour or 10,000 hours, we are here to help you build great things.

Monthly Plans

Our monthly service plans start at 1 hour per month, and they can go up to 40+ hours per week. For example, if a business has regular updates to their WordPress site, our support team is on-call to help add new content, manage plug-ins, create new graphics, build new features and complete integrations. For clients with several websites or complex online tools, we scale the time needed to best match robust support needs.

Websites at Scale

Additionally, we offer our dedicated team plan for larger PHP software and infrastructure projects and on-going support. This plan includes weekly (or more) meetings to set priorities, track progress and keep communications transparent and open. Meeting regularly to talk through UI/UX, functionality, security, and growth plans helps everybody stay on target and prevents projects from falling through the cracks.

Sized to Your Needs

Don’t worry that your project is too small or too big for I-Tul. With our on-call support team, we are set up to be successful on quick projects. With a team of 17, we have the size and scale to take on larger projects and companies looking to expand their PHP and Laravel development teams.

Why do we offer such a variety of services? It’s all code to us. We are ready to step up and help in the ways you need us to.

To discuss your project and see how our services can scale to your needs, contact us to learn more.

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