What We Do

I-Tul Support

I-Tul Support offers monthly support plans for WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart and PHP web sites.

Each plan includes:

  • Hosting (Shared or Dedicated)
  • Domain Name Registration & Renewal
  • Unlimited POP email accounts
  • Regular WordPress updates
  • 256 Bit SSL certificate
  • Weekly Security Scans
  • Free WordPress Training
  • Discounted hourly Rates
  • SEO Ranking Reports
  • Support Hours

Optional Service & Add-ons

  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Email Newsletter
  • Load Balanced Hosting
  • Extended Support Hours
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • VOIP (Voice Over IP)
  • Printed Collateral

Nectar AMS

For over 15 years, I-Tul has been building web sites, member tools and integrating third party member tools into our Association Client’s web sites. Using our breadth & depth of knowledge in this space, I-Tul has set out to build the software we’ve always wanted to see. Focusing on providing an intuitive and easy to use administrative site, dynamic data views, and a modular approach so your site can work exactly the way you need I-Tul is building Nectar AMS to bring some sweetness to your member management.

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Yuzu 3D

Easily import and share your 3D CAD & BIM files to get feedback directly from your customers. You can setup scenes, walk-though environments and easily leave notes. Tightly integrated into your site, Yuzu3D takes your conversations online.

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