Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you build a custom system for your business, you can sell it to other businesses. For instance, if you build a custom training platform for your customers then you could sell this platform to other businesses.  Or, if you built a custom estimating system, you could sell to other industry businesses in non-competing regions.

With software as a service solution, there is one cloud based system that enables other people to sign up for their own account.  This system can be customized for each customer or be more locked down.

Building a targeted solution for a niche, industry, specific need, special process or unique approach can help your own business and provide value to others.

We can setup a Software as a Service platform that will enable your customers to customize branding, manage their end customers and setup their own third party accounts.

If you have an idea for software that you would like to sell to other people, then let’s talk about how it could work.